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Looking for a refreshing cocktail that’s not too high in alcohol, but not into the classic michelada with tomato juice? Let me introduce you to the michelada de tamarindo, a lightly sweet ‘n spicy beer cocktail full of tropical flavors.

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Tamarind michelada with ingredients.

What is a michelada de tamarindo?

If you’ve ever been to Mexico, you’ve probably tried a michelada before. This mix of beer, tomato juice, Tabasco and savory condiments may sound odd, but it’s totally thirst-quenching and the perfect refreshment for a hot day.

The “classic” michelada isn’t your only option when it comes to beer cocktails, though. If tomato juice isn’t your jam, or if you want to try something different, you’re in luck: there are endless variations.

We’ve already discussed the michelada de piña (with pineapple) and the michelada cubana (without any juice) here at Hint of Chili. Today, I want to introduce another delicious riff on this classic: the michelada de tamarindo.

As the name suggests, this michelada has a tamarind base rather than a tomato juice one. Using tamarind soda, which you can find in your local Mexican/Latino or Asian supermarket, you can easily put together this icy-cold beer-based drink with an addictive sweet, tangy and spicy flavor profile.

Michelada de piña or pineapple michelada surrounded by its ingredients.

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Ingredients for a michelada de tamarindo

Tamarind micheladas aren’t complicated to make, especially if you live in an area where you’ve got access to Mexican and Latin American products.

Pop into your local Latino store for the following ingredients to make your micheladas:

  • Beer: any light lager works well, or you can go for one of the tequila-flavored ones like Corona or Sol.
  • Tamarind: I use tamarind soda. If you can’t find that, you can also try going for tamarind syrup or fresh pulp (just make sure it’s the sweet version, not the sour one used for cooking).
  • Chamoy: this savory sauce is made with pickled fruit. It’s commonly used in michelada recipes, and it fits our tamarind micheladas really well. You can leave it out if you can’t find it, though.
  • Tabasco or other hot sauce: a michelada has to be spicy, that’s rule #1.
  • Lime juice: bottled is OK, but fresh is really best.
  • Garnish: I like to rim my michelada glasses with chili lime seasoning and a wedge of lime or orange.
Michelada de tamarindo cocktail close-up

Making your micheladas

Once you’ve gathered all your ingredients, putting together your micheladas de tamarindo is a breeze. Invite everyone over for a michelada bash in the garden or on your deck and get mixin’!

Here’s how you do it:

  • Wet the glass rims with a slice of lime and then dip them in chili lime seasoning or salt placed on a shallow dish.
  • Add however much ice you want to the glass. Pour in the chamoy, tabasco, and lime juice.
  • Add the tamarind soda and then top off with beer. Give everything a good stir.
  • Garnish any way you like! Similar to a Bloody Mary, all bets are off with micheladas. Feel free to go crazy—or keep it simple.
Tamarind michelada with ingredients.

Michelada de Tamarindo

This riff on the classic michelada swaps the tomato juice for tamarind soda. Sweet, tangy, spicy, and above all: ultra-refreshing!
Prep Time 5 minutes
Course Drinks
Cuisine Mexican
Servings 2


  • 2 pint glasses
  • 1 cocktail spoon


For the rim

  • 1 tbsp chili lime seasoning or Tajín see notes
  • 1 lemon slice

For the michelada

  • 1 can beer any lager, Corona, etc. – 12 oz
  • 1 can tamarind soda see notes
  • 1 tbsp Chamoy
  • 1 tbsp lime juice about half a lime
  • 1/2 tbsp Tabasco …or more, that's up to you
  • ice


  • Place your seasoning of choice on a shallow dish. Wet the glass rims using a slice of lime, then dip them in the seasoning to rim them.
  • Place your desired amount of ice in the glasses. Add Tabasco, lime juice, and chamoy.
  • Add half of the can of tamarind soda to each glass, then top with half a can of beer each.
  • Stir your micheladas and add any kind of garnish you like. Serve to a crowd or sip on your own!


  1. If you don’t want spicy glass rims, you can also use plain salt.
  2. Tamarind soda is commonly sold both at Mexican/Latino stores and Asian supermarkets. There are different types, but they should all work fine. In a pinch, tamarind syrup or sweet tamarind pulp also work, but they will result in a stronger michelada because the beer isn’t diluted as much.
  3. You can leave the chamoy out if you can’t find it or it isn’t your thing, but I think it goes really well in a michelada de tamarindo. It really adds some complexity, not to mention a nice reddish color.
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